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“Having an electrical injury attorney like Mike McKell allows you and your loved ones the time to focus on the most important part of the injury, which is recovery.”

What may start out as a simple electrical fix or being outside in an innocent electrical storm can have major consequences if an electric current comes in contact with any portion of the body. Man made electrical sources or lightning currents can cause devastating injuries.

While the outside of a person’s body may only seem to have minor injuries, injuries that occur internally may be quiet extensive. The reason is the electrical current can cause damage to muscles and organs as it passes through the body as well as cause extensive burns to points of the body where the current enters and exits.

Effects of electrical injuries can range from relatively minor to fatal–with the most common effects causing muscle spasms, irregular heartbeat, second to third degree burns, hearing loss, disorientation, brain damage or even cardiac arrest.

In most cases, electrical injuries are accidental and can be prevented if safety measures are followed. But in cases where negligence or safety is discarded by others, severe injuries can be sustained. Extensive medical treatment may be needed, surgeries, physical therapy, medications, rehabilitation are just the beginning, but losses can be more than just in physical terms. Other long-term effects include lost time from work and lost wages both current and future. But it is also important to take into consideration the loss of opportunity if long-term disability occurs, loss of future goals, commitments to others, and enjoyment of life. These are all lost opportunities that are difficult to calculate, but are nevertheless a very real and catastrophic loss.

An electrical injury attorney with specific experience in electrical personal injury cases can not only advocate on behalf of the client to secure the full benefit from the insurance companies, but also to calculate and reclaim all the value that was lost from possible future opportunities and the loss of enjoyment of life.

Having an electrical injury attorney like Mike McKell allows you and your loved ones the time to focus on the most important part of the injury, which is recovery. If you or someone you know has sustained electrical injury, call for a FREE case review to see how electrical injury attorney Michael K. McKell can help you reclaim present and future opportunity costs and let a professional advocate on your behalf so that you can focus on the most important aspect of making a full recovery.

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