“Consulting a professional dog bite lawyer like Mike McKell who is trained in personal injury law is an invaluable asset when suffering from dog bite injuries.”

It may have happened to you.

It is usually completely unexpected. Each case is different, and it is usually never intended to happen. The reality is–it does happen, in thousands of cases each day.

Injuries sustained from a dog bite can be as minor as broken skin abrasions to sever injury to severe disfigurement. When one or more dog bites occur, it is considered a dog attack.

Federal and state laws are put in place to protect individuals from such injuries, but there are times when these laws are not followed and minor to severe injuries occur.

In these more severe cases, trauma, physical injury, medical treatment, physical therapy, restorative surgeries, antibiotics and physical therapy may be needed to help when rehabilitation is necessary from severe dog bite injuries. While it may not take long in some occurrences to make a full recovery, in others, life may not ever be same as it was before.

Physical trauma may not be the only injury. Psychological trauma can also result from dog bite injuries, causing mental and emotional disabilities that are just as real as physical injuries and deter the victim from functioning normally and enjoying life as it was before the injury. These kinds of injuries take time to resolve and often may need professional treatment, resulting in additional costs of trauma counseling and prescriptions, which may or may not be covered by insurance companies, leaving the burden of payment on the victim or loved ones.

Furthermore, insurance companies may require the responsible party’s insurance to pay for the losses incurred, resulting in delays in receiving compensation. This process of phone calls, requesting medical records, meeting with insurance adjusters, following-up, submitting medical claims and working with vast networks of insurance companies can prove to be very overwhelming to some victims and their families when one is in the midst of a long recovery.

In these cases, consulting a professional dog bite lawyer like Mike McKell who is trained in personal injury law is an invaluable asset when suffering from dog bite injuries. A dog bite lawyer can advocate for the victim, interpret and apply state and federal laws that are put in place to protect victims, mediate between insurance companies and calculate the full extent of compensation entitled to the victim under these laws.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog bite or a dog attack– whether minor or severe—contact a professional dog bite lawyer who can advise you in the critical initial steps. Doing so early in the process of recovery will help victim’s make better choices with better results down the road.

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