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“A product liability attorney like Mike McKell will hold companies accountable for the injuries their defective products cause.”

Thousands of new products come onto the market every day. Consumers purchase the products in good faith believing the promise that it will make their life easier, more efficient, more enjoyable, more entertaining, more helpful or more beautiful. However, sometimes the promise of what a product offers is not actually what is delivered.

Either through poor design, instruction, packaging or construction, the actual product does not live up to its promised delivery– and in some cases, may even cause personal injury to the individual using it, either physically, psychologically, mentally or emotionally.

In these cases, there are laws put in place to protect consumers and prevent poor design from coming onto the market. A defective product may cause anywhere from mild harm to very severe injury, in which case may cause substantial cost in medical bills, lost work, physical therapy, counseling, treatments, prescriptions and psychological effects–all of which has cost the consumer who has put their faith and investment into a product whose promise did not deliver.

Insurance may cover medical bills in the majority of cases, but in other cases it is important to be able to recoup the full extent which was lost, whether through insurance companies of the product which must compensate for the injury or the company itself that makes the product. Also, different laws vary from state to state regarding defective product injuries.

Because of so many factors to consider in a personal injury case, it is important to have an individual well-versed in the state laws and personal injury law who can advise the victim or loved ones when a defective product injury occurs.

Having a product liability attorney who is has extensive experience in defective product injury cases and who is knowledgeable to the specific Utah laws, especially when it comes to insurance law, is very beneficial have on your side to fight for the loss that has been caused.

Why is a product liability attorney important? Attorneys of insurance companies or any company that negligently manufactures a defective product may place the blame of the defective product on the consumer instead of taking responsibility. Product liability attorneys like Mike McKell hold companies accountable for the injuries their defective products cause.

Having a product liability attorney who has experience in state and federal defective product injury law, lifts the burden of proof off of the individual and loved ones, allowing them to focus on the most important aspects which is recovery.

It is also helpful for consumer protection agencies to track if a certain design and product is consistently causing harm in which case a product liability attorney can file much of the claims which can then benefit others in a class action to protect future individuals from harm.

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