Children's Injuries

“A child injury lawyer like Mike McKell can help families bare some of the emotional burden and reduce some of the stress and anxiety from their children’s injuries.”

Parents or guardians spend a good part of their lives caring for their young children and adolescents. They foresee situations that could be dangerous and take extensive measures to guard against it. However, parents, guardians, or caretakers are not or cannot always prevent every hazard, especially when the child is in the care of another individual or who sustains injuries due to another’s negligence.

Defective products can also play a part in children’s injuries, as well as accidental burns, poisoning, drowning, falls, choking, strangulation, suffocation, car safety, and guns.

Along with guardians and parents to protect children, state and federal laws are put in place to ensure the safety of individuals and especially young children who cannot understand dangers for themselves.

However, there are times when rules are not followed–either from lack of training or sheer negligence–which may ultimately cause injury physically, psychologically, or emotionally.

There are laws that are in place to protect the individual. When laws are not followed and injury occurs to a child, parents or loved ones have often been beside themselves in concern and worry over the pain the child is in and the future limitations the injury may cause to the child’s quality of life.

It is not uncommon for the injured or loved ones to feel anger towards the cause of the injury whether it from product or person. When such emotions are present it is very difficult to see anything except the pain of the child and the care that needs to be taken in the recovery process. A child injury lawyer like Mike McKell can help families bare some of the emotional burden and reduce some of the stress and anxiety from their children’s injuries.

Furthermore, filing insurance claims, talking with attorneys representing the parties at fault, talking with insurance adjusters or any number of external factors in order to be reimbursed for losses may prove very overwhelming in some instances. In these cases it is beneficial to have a child injury lawyer who can keep a full perspective and logic without interference of the heightened emotions.

Also, since laws are put in place to protect individuals including children, it is important to retain a child injury lawyer like Mike McKell who knows the laws specific to Utah where the child’s injury occurred.

Hiring a child injury lawyer is advantageous because it allows a victim’s family to focus on their child’s recovery, knowing all other aspects are being handled by a professional specific to children’s injury cases.

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