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“Retaining a burn injury attorney like Mike McKell can be of great benefit to a burn victim and other family members, who are also aiding in the recovery process.”

Burn injuries can be one of the most traumatizing personal injuries. These types of burns are not only sudden and unexpected, but they can also be the most painful and in some cases very severe with long-term consequences. Burns can result in several instances:

  • Defective products or devices powered by batteries
  • Chemical burns
  • Open fires
  • Electrical burns or electrocution from open wires
  • Worksite or workplace hazards
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial plants
  • Car accidents
  • Gasoline ignition

Burn injuries need immediate attention and these burns can be especially traumatizing because of the excruciating, immediate pain from skin nerves as well as the difficulty to move the patient due to the open, exposed wounds of the skin.

Burns can cause damage both physically and psychologically. Recovery from a burn injury may include several reconstructive surgeries to prevent scarring and restore minimal to extensive nerve damage if the burn has penetrated the deeper layers of the skin. But victims may be still be left with long-term effects of visible scarring of features, permanent nerve damage and even long-term disability which may have detrimental psychological effects.

While each case may vary, a victim might be left with months or even years of recovery due to surgeries, medical bills, physical therapy, and even counseling. There are costs of loss that can be calculated such as lost work wages, childcare, medical costs but there are other losses at a victim is entitled to that are far more difficult to calculate such as lost future wages, lost future employment, and loss of enjoyment of life.

In such cases, retaining a burn injury attorney like Mike McKell can be of great benefit to a burn victim and other family members, who are also aiding in the recovery process. An experienced burn injury attorney who is trained in laws specific to burn injuries –which may vary from state to state–can help protect the burn victim from further financial losses, mediate between the insurance companies of the victim and the party at fault, and help attain current and future losses entitled to the injured party. This alleviates a tremendous burden on the patient and allows them and family members who are not trained in advocating to focus solely on the recovery process, knowing there is a skilled professional burn injury attorney to advocate on their behalf.

If you have had a burn injury, call for a FREE case review with a professional burn injury attorney experienced with burn injury law. A call now can secure full losses entitled to you at present and in the future, and allow you the ability to solely focus on recovery and healing.

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