You never see it coming. And can happen in a split second. Your day may start like any normal day, and no one ever expects it to go differently. You have plans, goals, and commitments. You have dreams. But in a matter of seconds it can all change. Personal injury accidents that were never intended can occur because of inexperience or poor decisions of others. Significant personal injury can occur to you, your loved ones or others you know and which may have lifelong effects. You may want to consult a personal injury attorney and find out if you have a case.

Examples of personal injury cases include:

Some personal injuries may be minor, and an individual can file a claim themselves with the insurance company as well as make a full physical recovery.

But there are cases in which severe personal injury is sustained that may take months or years to resolve both physically and emotionally. These can cost an individual in terms of wages lost from work, extensive medical bills, physical therapy, and even psychological counseling. But other costs that are not seen and are difficult to calculate is loss of previous life enjoyment, unfulfilled goals, and inability to keep previous work and personal commitments. It can cost in lost dreams that may never be the same as before.

In these severe cases, having a trained professional who is familiar with personal injury laws specific to that state, would prove to be very beneficial.

Injuries bring with it a wide spectrum of trauma both physically and emotionally. Also, because of this trauma, emotions can range from mild to extreme, both from the individual who is injured as well as from their loved ones who also experience loss and fear as a result. These common emotions include anxiety, fear, and anger. These feelings can cause individuals or loved ones to lose perspective of what is most important, which is first recovery.

Further burdensome is the need to file insurance claims to cover medical bills and talk with insurance adjusters. It may be very overwhelming in some cases. Also, it would not be the first time that insurance companies offered a reduced settlement benefit or refused to cover the claim at all. In which case, a personal injury attorney would be extremely important to advocate for the victim, so that the injured and loved ones can focus solely on the recovery process.

There are many benefits to having a personal injury attorney like Mike McKell advocate for you.

First, a personal injury attorney is able to keep a full perspective of the situation, and act on facts and laws which protect individuals in each case, and does not respond out of emotion.

A personal injury attorney is also able to advocate for the victim to insurance companies and in legal matters, lifting the burden off of the individual, allowing the individual and families to focus on recovery.

A personal injury attorney knows the laws regarding statute of limitations and the time frame of when a claim needs to be filed with the insurance companies, or if needs be, in a court of law before it will no longer be a valid claim.

Another benefit is that a personal injury attorney like Mike McKell offers a free consultation to see if you have a case. Even a short meeting may benefit many cases, since a trained professional knows future considerations to take into account that individuals may not have thought of and which may cost in the long-term. A personal injury attorney can help calculate the ongoing need for treatment or even calculate the loss from future work, disability, or loss of enjoyment of life.

These are all things to consider before accepting any settlement claims from an insurance company.

But most of all, a personal injury attorney can take the weight and pressure of the insurance and legal matters off of you, letting you and your loved ones focus on what matters most of making the best possible recovery.

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